Repair & Service   
When your solar system is not functioning properly call Alta to diagnose and fix the problem fast. 

Service rates are $100 for the first hour on site and $60 for each additional hour, plus parts. Locations outside our local service area may incur an extra travel charge.

Removal and Re-Installation (R&R)   
When you have a solar system and need to re-roof call Alta for a quote to completely remove your solar system then re-install it when the roof work is completed.
Most systems cost $100 to $125 per panel. Difficult and complicated jobs may be more.
A typical R&R includes: Mapping and measuring system and wiring for proper re-installation. Disconnect solar electrical wiring from inverter and remove from vertical conduit to roof. Remove all solar modules, rails, conduit, J-boxes and wiring from roof and stack in appropriate location. After roofer has installed new roof, return and re-install solar system in the same configuration as original. Clean modules. Test re-installed solar system to insure it is performing as it was before removal. Warranty all work.